person pouring oil in their engine

How to change your oil in less than five minutes

Here at Westgate Auto, we love seeing our customers not only drive away in quality new vehicles from our dealership, but we also love seeing them on the road with the same car, truck, SUV, or minivan they purchased from us years prior. While the quality of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM are second to none, it’s important for drivers to maintain their vehicles to ensure their longevity. Here on our blog, we’ll show you how to change your oil in less than five minutes with a short video. Check it out!

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While the vehicle being serviced in the video is a Mazda pickup, the idea is good for pretty much any vehicle. It’s worth noting that oil changes are generally pretty inexpensive (you can actually schedule an oil change with us here at our dealership!), but if you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, changing the oil is a pretty simple task. Some of the benefits you may experience after having a fresh oil change include:

  • improved fuel efficiency
  • smoother running engine
  • extended engine lifetime
  • keeping up with the manufacturer’s warranty

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One of the perks of having your oil changed by a professional, though, is that they may be able to detect other problems in your vehicle that you didn’t notice. So, while changing the oil yourself may save money, having our professional team here at Westgate Auto change it for you could help you discover something that needs to be fixed before it causes costly damage down the road.

Are you interested in an oil change or some other automotive service? Get in touch with our team here at Westgate Auto and schedule a service appointment with us today!