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Benefits of winter tires

Should I get winter tires?

Drivers here in the Midwest can attest to how bad the roads will get in the winter. The snow and ice can make for a real headache while traveling, which will make it tough to gain traction and will decrease handling. Some drivers make the decision to switch to winter tires, but is this necessary for you? we’ll discuss that below!

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car tires on winter roadBenefits of winter tires

As you may already know, winter tires offer more traction and better grip than conventional tires. The deeper tread and more durable construction make them a good choice for drivers who regularly navigate through snowy or icy roads. Here in Indianapolis, the roads can get pretty bad sometimes, but should you switch over to winter tires? If you find yourself regularly slipping and sliding on the roads, it may not be a bad idea. You can purchase a set of winter tires and use them just I the winter while switching back to conventional tires once the weather warms up and the added traction is not needed. While winter tires perform well in the snow and ice, they will take a small toll on your fuel efficiency when used in warmer months. Besides that, winter tires wear down much quicker.

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The other option to consider is all-season tires. While these tires don’t have quite as much traction as winter tires, all-season tires can be kept on year-round and will give you the best of both winter tires and conventional tires.

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Here at Westgate Auto, we offer plenty of automotive services, and that includes selling and installing winter tires. If you want a new set of winter tires, or you’re just looking for more information on them and whether they’re right for you, contact us today!