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Starting LineFor those drivers looking to hone their performance driving skills or just learn a little more about handling the power behind a muscle car, Dodge’s Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, Arizona, is the place to be. The good news is you don’t need to have super impressive skills to get accepted into this driving school. The only requirements to attend are a mastery of the Slush-o-Matic transmission, a valid driver’s license, and the desire. The school is the perfect place for those looking to hone their current skills or newbies wanting to learn how to gain control of their vehicles.

What Can You Expect?

Your first interaction with the school will be meeting with the headmaster Bob Bondurant and his wife, who is a race car driver herself, as well as being president of the school. After meeting the minds behind the school, students will then meet their instructors, as well as the vehicles they will be driving. 

Students have amazing vehicle options to work with, including a number of Challengers and Chargers, such as the 392 Hemi R/T and Hellcat trims. You will also get to try your hand and skills driving a Viper GT and SCR models, making it the perfect day to try out some of your favorite vehicles.

What Does the Class Include?

You will start your day with what is referred to as ground school. After being broken up into teams, each team will rotate through different drills, including a skid car and accident-avoidance simulator. These exercises will give you the best lesson in gaining control of your car. During the accident-avoidance exercises, you will work on emergency braking response, lane choice, and acceleration exercises. Just be prepared for a few curveballs during the light exercises.

Up next is the portion involving autocross exercises. This is where you will get a chance to test your new avoidance and skidpad skills on the roadway. You will have the ability to open up your vehicle a little bit during laps, but this exercise is mainly about controlling the vehicle on the roadway. Or basically trying to keep the cones intact.

The final portion of your day at performance driving school is lead-and-follow exercises that will be completed along the track. The instructors will be in the lead cars and will gradually get you used to the track. After a while, the lead cars will continue to push, and you will find yourself mastering performance while trying to keep up with them. By the end of this section, you will become comfortable with the track and may find yourself soaring across lanes and hugging curves faster than you could have ever imagined.

The Dodge Bondurant Racing School is the perfect place to feel the freedom of some of the best muscle cars ever made and learn how to control and perform in any type of vehicle. Find out why drivers love the Bondurant Racing School for yourself by signing up or just experience the power of a muscle car during your daily routine by taking out one of the Dodge lineup for a test drive today.


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