Warning Signs You Need to Have Your Car Battery Checked

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Car BatteryIf your car seems like it’s slowly dying, it’s very likely that you need a new car battery. Knowing what the warning signs are will help you get it replaced before it’s completely dead and you’re stranded. Here are five warning signs that you need to have your car battery checked.

  1. Dim Headlights

Dim headlights are among the most obvious signs that your car battery is about to fail. You may not always notice this right away, so you might have to rely on your passengers or other observant people around you. If you notice your headlights don’t seem as bright at night or against your garage door, keep them on while you get out of the car to check. When the car battery is failing, it won’t have the strength to fully power the electrical parts of your vehicle. That includes your headlights.

When your headlights seem weaker and dimmer, have your mechanic check them out. This is not only a warning sign of a failing battery but also a safety issue if others can’t see you on the road.

  1. Clicking Sound When the Key is Turned

If you turn the key in your ignition and you hear a clicking sound, that’s a bad sign. Your battery is most likely about to die, as a failing battery won’t be able to send a strong current to the starter solenoid that gets the car started. The electrical current that is sent will be much weaker. If the starter has insufficient or reduced power from the battery, it tends to make a clicking noise. Bring your vehicle to get checked out right away if you hear that sound.

  1. Dashboard Warning Light

If you pay attention to your car’s dashboard, you may see a warning light go on that’s in the shape of a battery. If the battery isn’t being properly replenished, or there’s a problem internally with the battery, this light will turn on. The battery warning light coming on might also mean something is going on with the alternator or a different part of the electrical system. If you see this light come on, bring it to a professional to get it checked out.

  1. Swollen Battery Case

If your car battery gets exposed to excessive amounts of cold or heat, you may notice that the sides of the battery bulge or swell. This often causes a dead battery that won’t be able to be recovered and must be replaced.

  1. Old Age

Car batteries typically only last about five years. If you haven’t had yours replaced in a while, it may be time, especially if you’re having to jump-start the battery in situations where your vehicle would normally start. When it gets to about four years, have your mechanic check the battery out to see if it’s time to replace it yet.

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